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About Us

About Us

Impact Air Systems provide pneumatic systems to automatically convey and separate waste. We have successfully operated in the UK for over 25 years.


About Impact Air Systems


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Recycling - Recovering Valuable Material

The primary target market for Impact is the recycling sector for density separation whereby the removal of unwanted dust and fibres from the dry recyclables results in a ‘cleaner,’ more valuable product. This is a sector in which the systems pay for themselves in a short period of time and the customer can calculate the additional revenue they can make by improving the quality of their recyclables.

The recycling market continues to be buoyant as world interest in protecting the environment and natural resources rises. Within the UK there have been recent changes in legislation (increases in landfill tax) to incentivise processors to improve the quality of their recyclables, making Impact Air Systems even more desirable.

Waste & Trim Extraction

Impact's market for waste and trim removal systems is also far reaching. Our solutions allow production facilities to automatically collect ‘waste or scrap’ trim and convey it to a collection point, typically a baler or compactor where it can then be collected for recycling. These systems typically allow the customer to generate revenue from their waste whilst fulfilling their obligation to recycle. The systems also eliminate the need for staff to have to keep removing the waste and allow production to run continuously. Impact’s most worked with sectors are print, corrugated, board/carton, beverage can, label, foil and film.

For both our recycling and waste and trim customers, nuisance dust is an inevitable by-product and problem for operational areas. We provide a range of effective dust control systems which are designed with in-depth knowledge of the European ATEX directive for equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Global operations

For the last 20 years we have provided air systems outside of the UK. These opportunities primarily arose as a result of UK customers choosing to put similar systems in their other facilities outside of the UK. However, as our internet presence improved, we received enquiries and installed systems across the globe for a huge variety of customers.

In order to better serve customers outside of the UK, Impact has established a number of trade partnerships in Japan, Poland, Russia, Spain and the Netherlands. For the last 4 years Impact has also had an exclusive trade partnership agreement with CP Manufacturing in the US, the leading recycling system provider for that area. 

Our project team have vast experience of installing systems in a variety of environments across the globe. They are well versed in the management of imports and exports and understand the importance of safe and efficient transportation of goods.

Impact's installation teams are also used to working outside of the UK for weeks at a time. They understand the importance of doing the best job first time and communicate with the customer to ensure the health and safety of the site is maintained at all times. They pride themselves on efficient installations with minimum downtime and disruption to the customer and existing operations.

Commissioning & quality

Once installed, Impact also have a commissioning team to ensure that the system is running to specification, to address any teething problems and to train staff in the safe and efficient use of the system and any maintenance required.

We pride ourselves on providing a quality system at a reasonable price. We strive to ensure that we have the most up to date knowledge, software and equipment. Our quality management system is certified to ISO9001:2008 and we have Investors in People status.

All staff have an in depth technical understanding of the systems we provide and ensure that the customer is consulted and kept up to date throughout the project.

Our combination of 2D and 3D modelling software allows our design team to provide accurate drawings at proposal and project stages.

Impact Air Systems enjoy repeat orders from the majority of their customers and establish long term relationships with key contacts due to the trust and confidence that they exceed expectations.


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About Us

Impact have provided air systems around the globe for over 25 years!



Customer service is at the top of our agenda and we work extremely hard to ensure customer satisfaction with every installation. Read some client opinions below...




"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dave Lansdell and Richard Deacon, as well as all of the Impact engineers, for a job well done. We’re already starting to realise some of the benefits of this system and I’m confident that we’ll continue to do so for many years. I know we’ve both had some hurdles to jump throughout the process, but we are very grateful for all your input. After the main peeling machine project, contractors have been so so bad to deal with, it's really refreshing to deal with a supplier with integrity.

I look forward to continued business together in years to come and would highly recommend your company to any business needing extraction systems."

Rob Lonsdale - Technical Manager
Calders & Grandidge


"I would like to take this opportunity to commend your LEV assessor, very professional attitude to his job (Milan Duvnjak). Very patient with answering all questions that where asked of him by way of LEV auditing/testing and compliance..

A very good reflection on the service that you provide…"

Jon Evans - HSE-ISO Manager
Rigid Charta


"I am happy to tell you that we are absolutely delighted with the shredding system. It is a huge improvement on our previous machine and the capacity is staggering. In fact I have just started offering a shredding service to other factories on our industrial estate!"

Phil Ouzman - Managing Director
Smith & Ouzman Global Security Print & Multi-Media Solutions


"Both engineer´s from Impact Air Systems worked absolutely aligned with all Avery´s safety policy. My special thanks to you. I am impressed by the behaviour of your engineers over the weekend. Absolutely collaborated and always in good mood. Both they are expert in what they are doing.

I will request you for any future tasks, please make their availability possible for Barcelona and even for any Avery´s site works."

Farhan Butt - DC Manager
Avery Dennison Iberica 

"Very happy with the work so far. Looking forward to seeing it up and running."

James Seary
DS Smith 


Read our customer testimonials for a true reflection of our service

Our Team

 Our Team

We have a strong team of skilled technical engineers who continue to design outstanding solutions that can be applied in a range of industry sectors. Our attention to detail and desire for continual improvement means that we are making progress every day.

Our success relies upon committed, skilled and valued staff who use their initiative and exceed expectations and we are lucky to have a team who do just that.


Technical Sales Team


Nick Ball

Managing Director

nick@impactairsystems.com  -  Ext 113.

Dave Lansdell

Technical Sales Director

dave@impactairsystems.com  -  Ext 115.

Andrew Vicary

Technical Sales Manager

Please call head office on 0116 2448855

Darren Bayman

Technical Sales Manager

Please call head office on 0116 2448855

André Matula

Business Development Manager - Recycling

Please call head office on 0116 2448855

Gary Price

General Manager - USA Office


Carl Henson

Technical Sales Engineer

carl@impactairsystems.com Ext. 111

Karla Lee

Sales Support Engineer

karla@impactairsystems.com  -  Ext 117.

Vicky Ball

Business Systems Manager

vicky@impactairsystems.com - Ext. 114

Hayley Malyon

Marketing Manager

hayley@impactairsystems.com  -  Ext 116.


Project Team


Richard Deacon

Senior Project Manager

richard@impactairsystems.com  -  Ext 106.

Glenn Mills

Senior Project Manager

glenn@impactairsystems.com  -  Ext 105.

Michelle Grieves

Design Team Leader

michelle@impactairsystems.com  -  Ext 108.

Andy Jack-Rawlings

Project Manager

andy@impactairsystems.com  -  Ext 103

Nathan Thornton

Design Engineer

nathan@impactairsystems.com  -  Ext 127.

Carlo Ielapi

Design Engineer

carlo@impactairsystems.com - Ext. 129

Sean Mallin

Design Engineer

sean@impactairsystems.com - Ext. 124

Malcolm Parsons

On-site Project Engineer

malcolm@impactairsystems.com  -  Ext 112.

Glen Hall

Commissioning Engineer

glenhall@impactarisystems.com Ext 128

Jed Cooper

Trainee Design Engineer

jed@impactairsystems.com - Ext. 109


Service and Maintenance


Tony Bosworth

Operations Director

tony@impactts.co.uk  -  Ext. 118

Kieren Hebborn

Works Co-ordinator

kieren@impactts.co.uk  -  Ext. 119

Ash Wheeler

Service Team Manager

ash@impactts.co.uk - Ext. 121

Rob Fullwood

Project & Installation Manager

rob@impactts.co.uk - Ext.104

Ben Hebborn

Warehouse Stores Co-ordinator

ben@impactts.co.uk  -  Ext. 126

Sonia Henson

Administration Assistant

sonia@impactts.co.uk - Ext. 130

Johnny Kearns

Senior Service Engineer


Chris Mann

Service Engineer


Alex James

Service Engineer


Bryan Meaney

Service Engineer


Kam Morris

Trainee Service Engineer


Scott Parish

Service Engineer


Simon Garrard

LEV Technician


Mike Waine

LEV Technician


Dan Rutherford

LEV Technician


Accounts Team


Paula Adams

Accounts Manager

paula@impactairsystems.com  -  Ext 101.

Lisa Marie Leak

Accounts Assistant

lisa@impactairsystems.com  -  Ext 102.


Our Team

Our success relies upon committed, skilled and valued staff.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Impact Group are dedicated to being the market leader within our respective industries.


Mission Statement

We will continue to be innovative to ensure that we are at the forefront of our industry and to enable us to supply our customers with the most appropriate solutions to meet their requirements.  

We strive for continual improvement in all areas of the business.

We endeavour to ensure that we have explored every opportunity for growth.

Our success relies upon committed, skilled and valued staff who use their initiative and give us their best at all times.

Our Mission

Impact are dedicated to being the market leader.



Due to increased global interest in our systems, we aim to showcase our products in as many countries as possible, including the UK. Please see below details of where you can find us this year:




 MetPack 2017

MetPack 2017 - 2-6th May
Messe Essen, Germany
Hall 1 Stand 1E33


 Ifat 2018

IFAT 2018 - May 14th-18th 
Messe Munchen, Germany



Come and visit us at worldwide exhibitions throughout the year.

Careers at Impact

Careers at Impact


Working with Impact Air Systems

We currently have 1 position available.

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Careers at Impact

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Impact Company Timeline


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For Impact, it's not just about having a certificate, but having a comprehensive system that helps us to provide a quality service.


ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System

For Impact, it's not just about having the certificate, but having a comprehensive system that helps us to provide a quality service. The features of our system include:

  • Training review to ensure staff have the most up to date knowledge and skills
  • Analysis of any process failures
  • Regular maintenance of equipment
  • Encouragement of any performance improvements
  • Annual performance review of contractors and suppliers
  • Calibration of measuring devices
  • Standard documents and regular review
  • Comprehensive filing system

As a result we are confident we are providing a quality service and have staff members who are not just doing their job, but are continually looking for ways to improve the service we provide.

Our technical services division provide service and maintenance services in accordance with the following accreditations:


Impact Accreditations


ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System


ROSPA Member


BOHS P601 & P602 certified engineers

Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP) engineers




Impact are always focused on quality of product and service.