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Process Extraction Solutions


Impact Air Systems was approached by a well known beverage can manufacturer to provide process extraction solutions at their new plant in Switzerland.

Aluminium Scrap Extraction

An aluminium scrap extraction system was installed to extract off cut aluminium from the cupping press trimmers and several other collection points located around the plant to provide efficient scrap collection. The scrap material is pneumatically conveyed approx. 100m before being baled for recycling.

Dust and Fume Extraction

In order to provide a clean, healthy working environment, Impact installed a range of dust and fume extraction solutions which were discretely incorporated around the original design plans of the decorator and lacquer sprays. Fume capture hoods were built into the design of the printer unit, a pre-separation drum for over varnish extraction plus hot and cold ductwork systems to extract from the ovens and sprays.

Process Ventilation

A range of roof mounted ductwork stacks and ATEX certified galvanised ductwork was supplied to ensure fume and heat is extracted from the working environment.