Fines Classification - Outstanding Results

The Impact Zigzag Classification Unit "exceeds expectations"...

As one of the longest serving authorised waste management service providers in the UK for collection and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, Robert Hopkins Environmental have a constant supply of oil impregnated rags from the petrochemical, engineering and automotive industry, which when pre-screened, shredded and finally processed by Impact’s Zigzag Classification Unit (ZCU) unit provides a very high calorific RDF.


Since the system was commissioned at Robert Hopkins Environmental, they have benefited from an improved RDF output stream. Neil Fryer, Operations Manager commented “We are extremely satisfied with the results from Impact’s Zigzag Classification Unit. Having previously tried other technologies the Impact ZCU system exceeded our expectations, we can now supply our WTE plant with a consistent product”.

In-line with standard procedures, especially for a non-typical waste stream, extensive analysis was carried out to establish the waste separation efficiency of our ZCU (Zigzag Classification Unit) Impact’s model ZCU1000 was selected to handle the throughput of nominally 4 tph. The 1 tonne sample material was even contaminated, un-known to Impact at the time, with 30 penny washers of various size which where all recovered within the heavies fraction to the delight of Peter Hopkins, Managing Director of Robert Hopkins Environmental.

The combustible fraction, consisting of oil impregnated shredded rags are entrained in the upwards air stream within the Zigzag tower and transferred to the Rotary Separator before being discharged onto a belt conveyor feeding bulk collection bins. The heavy fraction, consisting mainly of hardcore, metal and glass, not entrained in the upwards air stream, are discharge from the bottom of the Zigzag tower onto a heavies conveyor for further processing via an ECS unit. The fine dust contained within the air stream is captured by the integral reverse air jet filter unit and incorporated back into the clean RDF stream.

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