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SRF Refinement and Recovery


Impact has added the ZAC800 to its hugely popular range of zigzag separation technologies, which are in operation in many applications in waste recycling facilities around the world.

The ZAC800 material recovery system is available as a standalone machine or with a range of options depending on your requirements.

Purity rates for the clean SRF product depend on the residue infeed material. If there are long parts present, a long part separator (LPS) can be added to reduce obstructions and improve separation. The long parts – wood, plastics, wire, etc are rejected and the glass and fibre fraction are processed in the ZAC800 unit which separates the glass and fibre/plastic film into two separate discharge conveyors.

As a final quality control, a head drum magnet can also be added to the glass discharge conveyor to remove any ferrous metals that have not been recovered already.

Impact recognises the pressure on the industry to provide a high-quality waste stream, so has enhanced a successful separation solution which greatly improves the separation of valuable recyclable materials while providing the operator with a highly durable, low maintenance and hassle-free system.

The ZAC800 SRF Recovery/Clean-up System
• Input material; MRF residue = glass, fibre, plastics, wood
• Capacity; 10 to 15 tph depending on bulk density and input material size
• Input material size; 0 to 80 mm approx.
• SRF purity; > 90% depending on input material composition

• Short term ROI (from 5 to 12 months depending on operational shift pattern and initial ZAC800 options)
• Higher income for quality SRF fraction
• Savings on landfill diversion, transportation and handling costs
• Low operational and maintenance costs
• Fully flexible – can be incorporated into existing sorting systems/MRF’s or as a standalone process