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Energy Efficient Waste Extraction


When Impact’s project team were challenged with the gauntlet of replacing a twin extraction system at Greenshires in a 24-hour shutdown they knew they had a challenge. After many years of suffering unreliability of an environmentally unfriendly waste system, Greenshires at Leicester, decided to replace it with the latest extraction system solutions.

Jonathon Green (Greenshires production manager) commented on the installation, “The installation of the new system is a huge benefit for the business. Not only has production increased due to a reliable system, but the cleanliness of the waste area is now second to none, normally an area we would want to hide, is now a place we want to promote.”  He continued “Working with Impact has been rewarding, their commitment to install a quality system without disrupting our production, far exceeded our expectations.”

After careful planning, Greenshires production manager and Impacts project team agreed that the existing system would need to be dismantled and replaced within a 24 hour period.  A challenge that Impact senior project manager, Glenn Mills, relished.

The plan was to completely replace all the equipment outside consisting of two new waste fans, rotary separator, diverter drop chute, twin compactors and a reverse jet filter.  A complete new control panel was also installed during the shutdown period.

The old system compromised of balance fans and did not include a filter.  This meant that the existing system was not only a noise issue for the neighbours but was also discharging dust fibres over the surrounding area.

The new system consisted of a Rotary Separator which also allows the inclusion of a fully automatic Reverse Jet Filter.  The conveying air is now guided into the dust filter, cleaned and then returned back into the factory via ‘summer / winter’ diverter valve.

This upgrade now ensures that no dust is omitted to atmosphere and the warm conveying air can be recycled back into the factory.  Two major environmental benefits and a must for Greenshires to ensure they retained their ISO14001 certificate.