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Industrial Ventilation Systems


Solution Overview

Impact offer industrial ventilation to a wide range of industries including paper mills, packaging production, print production, EFW sites, materials recycling facilities and many more.

Impact’s ventilation systems remove moist, warm air and replace it with a supply of fresh air to substantially reduce temperatures, moisture levels and unwanted odours from the processing facility. 

The solutions offered can range from simple wall/roof mounted extraction fans and make up air grilles to complex central

ductwork and filter systems.

Recycling Industry

Many recycling applications such as MSW, RDF & SRF waste contain a high percentage of organic material which starts to decompose within the recycling facility. Heat created by shredding and general processing add to the issue.

In the extremes of cases the ambient internal temperature can increase by as much as 10 degrees celsius per hour of operation. This results in a gradual build up of moisture content within the air which condenses, particularly at high level. This moisture release can cause corrosion damage to the building and valuable equipment within the facility, as well as creating a very unpleasant working environment.

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  • Bespoke designs to suit your budget
  • Visably improved working environment
  • Removal of odours, fumes, condensation and unwanted heat
  • Utilising our 30 years air systems design experience