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Body Maker Oil Mist Extraction

Solution Overview

The Impact oil mist extraction solution offers a cost effective and reliable method of removing unwanted oil mist vapour from processes such as body making presses within the beverage can production industry or frying within the food industries. 

Incorporating a central ductwork system, the system collects and conveys the oil mist vapour away from individual or multiple production processes for recovery providing a cleaner and healthier working environment.

Specialist collection hoods and a fully welded ductwork system ensures a leak free operation and a three stage filtration process efficiently collects and separates the oil mist from the conveying air stream, allowing the oil to be recovered and reused or recycled.

High efficiency variable speed fans provide the air stream and extremely high air quality emissions can be achieved using second stage HEPA or carbon filtration


  • Recovery and recycling of oil
  • Significant improvement in housekeeping and health and safety
  • Very high levels of filtration achievable
  • Low maintenance filtration media
  • Eliminate odours