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Glass & Fibre Recovery Success in USA

Impact Air Systems has been providing the ultimate solution for glass recovery operations around the world with installations across the USA, UK, Japan and Australia. A resource recovery plant in Boston, USA is now seeing the benefits from the innovative system.


Impact Air Systems was approached for a solution to improve the quality on their existing glass clean up system. The original system was ineffective and could not separate and recover glass to a sufficient quality from their MRF commingled waste streams.

Impact responded to their requirement with the Zigzag Classification System, which has been developed to enable simple installation and minimal wiring along with a reduced footprint. This system uses highly efficient density separation resulting in recovered recyclable materials that are cleaned of debris, paper and dust.

A single deck ‘flip-flow’ screen separates the 0-3/8” fines glass from the cullet glass. There are three stages of separation; 1. Fibre removal and recovery 2. Fines glass cleaning 3. Cullet cleaning.

Up to 20 tons per hour of glass is processed within the MRF facility which can now also recover fibre that was destined for landfill and produce a high volume of clean cullet glass with 95% clean fines glass. The trash content has reduced and the glass is cleaner than ever before. The system was engineered and installed without any loss to their production schedule which was a major concern for the facility.

Impact’s Zigzag Separation Systems have been successfully providing an efficient separation solution for waste management companies all over the world for the last five years. With the ability to handle a wide range of materials and with specific adjustments to ensure maximum efficiency, the Zigzag is the obvious choice to minimise recyclable material ending in landfill.