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Scrap Metal Extraction System (Beverage Can)

Impact Air Systems have a wide range of experience in providing solutions to the beverage can industry. We have installed systems worldwide which have been essential in achieving the required high levels of production and safe working environments demanded by our clients.

Scrap Metal Extraction System (Beverage Can)

Impact Air Systems plays an integral part in the can manufacturing process with the extraction processes we provide. As an industry leader in this field, our experience allows us to design, manufacture and install a bespoke system to meet individual requirements ensuring a safe working environment and valuable recycling of otherwise waste material.

Trim Extract System (Commercial Print)

Automatic recovery of waste trim from printing production machines such as three knife and rotary trimmers, bindery lines, stitch and trim lines, guillotines, folders or reject copy conveyors can not only improve the working environment, reduce H&S and fire risks, but are a necessity for the modern commercial printer to help substantially reduce operating costs and deliver machine throughput.

Print Trim Extraction System (Bogota, Colombia)

Recycling Systems (Fort Worth, Texas MRF)

Recycling Systems (Memphis, Tennessee)

Recycling Systems (Phoenix, Arizona)

Recycling Systems (Arizona, Tucson)

Recycling Systems (Oberlin, Ohio)

Recycling Systems (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Recycling Systems (Germantown, Wisconsin)

Recycling Systems (Japan)

Recycling Systems (Poland)

Trim Extraction System (Barcelona, Spain)

Recycling Systems (Latvia)

Label Matrix Extraction (Dublin, Ireland)

Beverage can Aluminium Extraction (Moscow, Russia)

Beverage Can Process Extraction (Nairo, Russia)

Beverage Can Process Extraction (St Petersburg, Russia)

Beverage Can Process Extraction (Sligo, Ireland)

Label Matrix Extraction (Melbourne, Australia)

Recycling Systems (Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia)

Conveying & Filtration System - Zielona Gora, Poland

Recycling Systems (Lodz, Poland)

Beverage Can Scrap Handling (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Beverage Can Process Extraction (La Selva, Spain)

Beverage Can Process Extraction (Valdemorillo, Spain)

Waste & Trim Extraction (Lake Garda, Italy)

Beverage Can Process Extraction (Nogara, Italy)

Label Matrix Extraction (Moussy, Paris)

Label Matrix Extraction (Chilly Mazarin, Paris)

Beverage Can Scrap Handling (Fosie, Sweden)

Label Matrix Extraction (Shanghai, China)

Label Matrix Extraction (Cunshan City, China)

Label Matrix Extraction (Toronto, Canada)

Beverage Can Manufacture - Process Extraction Solutions

Impact Air Systems was approached by a well known beverage can manufacturer to provide process extraction solutions at their new plant in Switzerland.

Glass & Fibre Recovery Success in USA

C&D Separation - Zigzag Classification Unit

Glass Recycling

After a successful trial at our test facility in Leicester, Impact had the pleasure of supplying and installing three piece zigzag system at a glass recycling facility. The zigzag separation system is a fully adjustable cascade cleaning solution, suitable for most recycling facilities, designed to efficiently remove lightweight material and debris from the in-feed material stream. The zigzag is ideal for shredded or granulated plastics, rubber, glass, WEEE material, C&D waste and plasterboard.

Fines Classification - Outstanding Results

Dust control at London's largest MRF site

Dust control and the protection of staff from hazardous substances are the employers responsibility, COSHH states. Call Impact to ensure you are compliant.

Dust Control System - Recycling & Waste Management

Impact was tasked with the design of a central dust extraction system which would collect airborne dust as it is generated from various processes. The dust in this particular project is created from various pieces of equipment including primary shredders, conveyor transfer points, vibrating screen separator, optical sorter exhaust and a final shredder. The system is serving two lines, a primary line and auxiliary line.

Plasterboard Recycling - Airknife Separation

Impact Air Systems were contacted by Hamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd, operating in extensive waste collection and recycling facilities in East Lothian.

Plastic Cleaning Systems - Blue Sky Plastics, Lincs

Impact Air Systems were contacted by a well established metal recycling company who had installed a plastic recycling facility at their 32 acre site in Lincolnshire.

Aluminium Scrap Waste Extraction

A well known beverage can manufacturer asked us to supply a aluminium can scrap waste system for a new beverage can factory being built in Angola.

Film Vacuum System - Ireland

Impact Air Systems were contracted to install a Film Vacuum system at Regen Waste, County Down, Ireland.

Film Vacuum System - Edmonton, London

Impact Air Systems were contracted to install a comprehensive film vacuum system at the new Greenstar ?Atlas? facility in Edmonton, London. The new super MRF installed by CP Manufacturing Inc. is capable of handling about 10% of London's waste.

High Capacity Drum Separator - PVT Landfill, Hawaii

Impact Air Systems were contracted to install a High Capacity Drum Airknife (HCDA) at the PVT landfill site, Hawaii. The HCDA?s purpose is to separate light and heavy material from a stream of construction and demolition waste. The throughput of material is around 30 tonnes per hour and the material size varies from around 2.5cm-25cm. The material is composed of fuel feedstock (wood, paper, plastic, carpet etc), rock, ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal and 0-25mm fines.

Aluminium Can Scrap Extraction Systems

Impact Air Systems install an aluminium scrap extraction system at a can manufacturing factory in Kuwait.

Aluminium Scrap Waste Extraction - Beverage Can Manufacture

We have done an extensive amount of work for a well known beverage can manufacturer across the globe, designing and installing our systems for factories in over 10 countries.

Impact Air Knife sorts Express Plastics Recycling Ltd Separation System

Express Recycling & Plastics Ltd is one of the UK's first rigid plastic material recycling facilities based in Essex. Their 2 acre facility based in Rainham currently has an annual throughput capacity of around 60,000 tonnes.The recycling facility converts various grades of rigid plastic material collected by local councils into a granular form ready for resale.

Paper and Glass Separation

Impact Air Systems was contacted by one of the UK's leading recycling led waste management companies to help them improve the process following the recent introduction of domestic glass into the material stream. The company involved have requested to remain anonymous, but currently operate 6 large scale operations in the UK.

Impact fast response ensures GI Direct hit print deadline

We received a desperate telephone call from GI Direct who really were in a mess. A large lorry had just demolished a section of the trim extraction system and therefore halted an important production run. Our Technical Services Division personnel reacted immediately, using their expertise to re-design the system and taking full advantage of our "in house" manufacturing facilities. They were on site within 2 hours.

Waste & Trim Extraction - Rigid Containers

Rigid Containers based in Desborough awarded Impact a substantial contract to bring their current waste system into the 21st century, ensuring it conforms to relevant legislation and considers environmental aspects. Their existing system has no dust filtration which means dust particles and warm conveying air are discharged into the atmosphere, as it is mainly made up of cyclones and a small separator.

Energy Efficient Waste Extraction

When Impact's project team were challenged with the gauntlet of replacing a twin extraction system at Greenshires in a 24-hour shutdown they knew they had a challenge. After many years of suffering unreliability of an environmentally unfriendly waste system, Greenshires at Leicester, had no option but to replace it with the latest extraction system solutions. Impact Air Systems were called to the table.

LPC Roll Out Contract to Impact

LPC a Leicester based tissue producer, have recently awarded Impact a substantial contract to install an automatic "nubbins" extraction system at their new site in Mountsorrell.