Impact Joins Forces with Wastech, Australia

Wastech Engineering, Victoria, Australia and Impact Air Systems, Leicester, UK, announce the formation of their exclusive partnership. Wastech Engineering now includes in their range of systems Impact’s waste separation solutions, making them the market leader for air separation technology across Australia.


Wastech Engineering manufactures, installs and services a wide range waste sorting solutions from full material recovery facilities to equipment for single stream recycling, waste to energy, construction and demolition, municipal solid waste, e-waste, and green waste sorting systems. Wastech has a 24/7 national support network that includes branches in all capital cities and 50 mobile service vans.

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Impact Air Systems has developed and offers solutions to support fully automated valuable material recovery systems. Its systems use air to separate dust and dry materials such as fractions of paper and plastic, metals, trommel fines and glass that can otherwise be very costly and difficult to remove from the material streams.

Wastech can now directly offer customers an increased product line including air systems solutions from one of the leading providers of this technology, Impact Air Systems.

 Impact Air System’s advanced Film Vac system consists of a series of specially designed material collection hoods which are usually mounted above the sorting belts and used to transport handpicked material, reducing labour costs and eliminating the need for transfer conveyors and additional storage bunkers. The Zigzag Classification Unit separates waste material based on density, size and shape into a stream of heavy and light materials, and has been implemented into many waste management operations across the UK and now in Japan. Wastech is proud to be able to offer these solutions to its customers.

Filmvac- Plastic film extraction from waste stream

Scott Foulds, National Projects Manager for Wastech says, “The partnership with Impact Air Systems has enabled Wastech to expand its offerings in air separation equipment and systems and tap into the experience and knowledge of the Impact Air Systems team. Wastech is excited by the opportunity to bring this experience and knowledge to the Australian market knowing the solutions created are world standard.”

Impact Air’s recycling solutions are now represented across Australia exclusively by Wastech, expanding their market, increasing their product visibility as well as sales.

Dave Lansdell, Technical Sales Director of Impact Air Systems says, “Having worked with Wastech for a number of years the relationship between the two companies is very strong and successful.  The business and technical approach of Wastech and Impact is very similar which makes working together so easy.

“Impact Air Systems manufactures a range of air systems, and each system is tailored to complement the overall Wastech package.  We can now jointly and specifically develop solutions for each customer because of the localised sales and engineering support Wastech is able to provide.  We look forward to improving and continuing our successful partnership.”

FilmVac System

Plastic bag/film extraction at a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Fort Worth, Texas


Screw Compactor

Watch a variety of our FilmVac systems along with the Screw Compactor baler to complete the process.


Zig-Zag Separation System

The Zig-Zag separation system is a fully adjustable cascade cleaning solution, suitable for most recycling facilities, designed to efficiently remove lightweight debris from the material stream.