Valuable Material Recovery - Test Facility

Impact Air Systems’ separation systems have been impressing MRF owners and alike all over the world for the last few years, and we are pleased to offer our test facility to allow you to try them for yourselves.

Using a cyclonic air stream, the innovative systems remove unwanted lightweight fibres, dust and fine debris from glass cullet, plastic flake and various shredded material, leaving you with a better quality and more valuable product.

Our density separation systems assist the operator in reducing landfill tax costs.


Zig-Zag Separation System

Arrange a test of your material. Visit our test facility, located in Leicester, and see the results for yourself.


We understand that customers would like to see the results for themselves, and so we have developed a standalone test facility at our head office in Leicester.

We invite you to make an appointment to bring along a sizeable sample of material to be processed.

Alternatively, arrangements can be made for you to send the sample to us. In return, you will receive a DVD of your material being processed through our HCDA (High Capacity Drum Airknife) or Zigzag separation demonstration unit along with a sample of the separated material.

This is a fantastic opportunity to try before you buy.

The results are so impressive that some of our customers want exclusive agreements, so that their competitors cannot benefit from our solutions.

The most recent installations of the ZigZag separation system include trommel fines separation, removing paper, label, wood and dust from shredded and granulated rigid plastic, removing paper and dust from plasterboard nuggets and systems within various glass processing plants and HCDA installations include succesful separation of C&D/C&I, ASR & MSW.

It is clear to see the valuable results that our separation systems provide. 

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The Zig-Zag separation system is a fully adjustable cascade cleaning solution, suitable for most recycling facilities, designed to efficiently remove lightweight debris from the material stream.

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