Commercial Print

Automatic recovery of waste trim from printing production machines such as three knife and rotary trimmers, bindery lines, stitch and trim lines, guillotines, folders or reject copy conveyors can not only improve the working environment, reduce H&S and fire risks, but are a necessity for the modern commercial printer to help substantially reduce operating costs and deliver machine throughput.

Commercial print trim extraction, Bicester
Commercial print trim extraction, Bicester
 Extraction from digital print, UK
Extraction from digital print, UK
Paper Trim Extraction, Sheffield
Paper Trim Extraction, Sheffield

Once collected, the paper waste is conveyed through a range of purpose designed ductwork, neatly integrated into the building to a remotely located plant room or externally located central waste collection area. Within the plant room the extracted waste is separated from the conveying air stream & deposited into a compactor, bulk trailer or bale press assembly, usually including stand-by facilities. 

Impact Air Systems are also able to offer fume ventilation systems to support modern commercial print binders or similar production machines.


•  Reduced downtime

•  Revenue from waste

•  Improved working environment

•  Reduced health and safety and fire risks

•  Reduced operator costs


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