Corrugated, Carton & Board

Off cut material is collected from the production processes or machines then transported in a high velocity air stream via a range of ductwork to a central area where it is prepared for transportation to a recycling facility. This usually consists of a baler, compactor or large mobile storage container.

Impact’s range of high performance waste conveying solutions include:

    • High speed edge trim extraction from corrugators
    • Simple yet effective material collection hoods from waste discharge belts or chute
    • Heavy duty chopper fans
    • Centralised floor sweep up system
    • The revolutionary rota-feeder system which enables waste extraction equipment to be installed below ground level, removing bulky duct work from the production area

Mansfield, UK
Mansfield, UK
Manchester, UK
Manchester, UK
Co Durham, UK
Co Durham, UK

What are the benefits?

  • Improved productivity through reliable, automated waste removal
  • Reduced running costs and improved energy efficiency by returning clean air back into your production environment
  • Revenue from recycling waste
  • Clean working environment, helping to fulfil ISO14001
  • Peace of mind that you have a reliable system that is helping you to fulfil your legal obligations and saving you money
  • All components are designed to allow the appropriate solution and an innovative plant room to be integrated into your corrugate or board production operation.
  • Working with leading industry specialists Impact Air Systems are also able to supply a range of heavy duty shredders and balers to provide a turnkey waste recovery solution.