The Impact central matrix extraction system can be fitted to any narrow web press up to 500mm wide and solves a previously impossible task of removing sticky matrix waste, eliminating the need to rewind the waste on press.

The system can be incorporated into an existing waste removal system or be supplied as part of a complete centralised system.

The Impact matrix removal unit can be fitted on the non-operator side of the printing press. Each unit incorporates a precision trim cutter to cut the continuous matrix into small manageable pieces. The waste can be collected in a central location and removed from site without problems.




• Remove all types of matrix, including thin films
• Eliminates press down time
• Avoids print register re-adjustment
• Allows faster run speeds
• Removes rewind tension problems
• Eliminates rewinding of waste matrix
• Improves manual handling and general housekeeping


Well considered trim and material collection hoods are a key aspect of any conveying systems, ensuring integration to the production machines without hindering normal operator tasks.

The Impact matrix extraction hoods are thoughtfully installed with plasma injection to ensure matrix waste does not stick, they are placed in a convenient position which will not encroach on production or the operator and are painted in colour schemes to co-ordinate with production equipment.

Label Matrix Extraction Hood

Matrix Master

The Impact matrix master offers a flexible mobile and cost effective solution to your waste matrix needs without having to install a central waste system.

Designed to handle sticky matrix, lattice waste and edge trim from the label production process, the matrix master incorporates a precision trim cutter to efficiently cut the continuous waste matrix to prevent blockages and roping trims before passing through a centrifugal waste fan and into a plastic waste collection sack for disposal.

Matrix Master

Screw Compactor

The screw compactor is a valuable addition to many production processes. Its main function is to compress waste materials into manageable plastic bags.

During operation, material is fed into the unit, the rubber clamping ring allows the bag or tube to be extruded whilst maintaining compaction density. The unit comprises a single screw auger within a trough, which compacts the material into a cyclindrical outlet spigot.

 Screw Compactor Matrix

Oil Injection Systems/Plasma Coating

The Impact oil injection system stops blockages and delays caused by pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) materials. If you pneumatically convey trim or label matrix with PSA, ensuring your trim waste does not stick to the conveying ductwork is a top priority.

This can be achieved via plasma coating of selective ductwork and injection of a fine mineral oil mist at the ductwork infeed points. Individual machine or centralised system oil injection systems are available.

Trim Cutter

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Label Matrix Extraction

Watch how our system extracts label matrix waste and removes it to an external compactor unit.


Label Matrix Extraction

Our bespoke label matrix extraction solutions create a cleaner environment, while collecting otherwise waste product for recycling.