Ultra Cartridge Dust Filter

The Impact ultra cartridge dust filter is designed to provide high quality filtration of the conveying air, providing continuous operation

Application: Ultra Series cartridge dust and fume collectors may be used for a wide range of pollution control and product recovery applications.

Type: Pulse cleaning, cartridge based dust collector with high performance filter elements. Cleaning is accomplished by pulse waves that emanate from the centre of the filter providing enhanced cleaning for a more efficient operation.

Finish: A durable, corrosion resistant powder coated finish with a range of colours available upon request.

Cartridges: Vertically mounted to shed dust readily for efficient cleaning and longer service life. High filtration efficiency meeting the 5mg/m³ or fewer emissions required to re-circulate the air back into the work place on non hazardous dusts.




-  Unique high surface area cartridge design

-  Automatic cleaning whilst in operation

-  High filtration area and high filtration efficiency

-  Minimal maintenance required

-  Anti-static (epytropic) filter media

-  Filtration efficiencies to < 5mg/m³

-  Easy replacement of filter media

-  Electronic sequence controller for cleaning cycle

-  Optional access platforms

-  Atex certified explosion relief panels

-  Can be equipped with dust collection bins or rotary valve discharge

-  Heavy duty mild steel construction with painted finish

Impact Ultra Cartridge features:

-  Vertically mounted to shed dust readily for efficient cleaning and longer service

-  Features a cone in the centre of the cartridge expanding the usable media in the filter by 25%

-  Test results indicate that this new pulse distribution method provides enhanced cleaning

-  More efficient operation, longer cartridge life and reduced service requirements