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Project Management Process

We endeavour to deliver a first class service to our customers, ensuring quality and engineering excellence every step of the way.

Our products and services are designed to provide an effective solution to all waste & trim extraction and separation requirements, and we believe it is important that you understand our project process so that you get an insight of what you can expect from us. We are proud of their comprehensive project process, provided by a team of staff who have up to date training in their area of expertise.

1. Site Survey

Once the order has been placed, the Technical Sales Manager/Project Manager assigned to your project and Mechanical Design Engineer come to site to conduct a site survey. Measurements and photos are taken, so that the drawings can be completed with accuracy. The general arrangement drawings are then completed in our design office using Autocad and Solidworks modelling software. Once complete, the drawings are sent to you for approval.

2. Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for sourcing the best components for your system, overseeing manufacture and arranging installation. Your Project Manager is your point of contact throughout the project, and can be contacted at any time with any queries. They will liaise with the assigned point of contact with regards to responsibilities for providing powered access, civil works, etc.

3. Health and Safety

Risk assessments and method statement are completed for our installation team, and can be provided to you on request. We pride ourselves on our stringent health and safety measures and empower all of our staff to take measures to ensure they are not at risk. For larger projects you will also be provided with an installation plan.

4. Delivery and Installation

Prior to the despatch of any goods, the Project Manager will ensure that your components meet our standards. Where components are being delivered but not installed by Impact, we are happy to provide photographic evidence of loading. We always use the most reputable logistics companies and ensure goods are packaged to avoid damage during shipping and delivery. Once the components are on site the Project Manager and/or Installation Supervisor will be on site to check everything has arrived and to start the installation. During the installation, our installation team will liaise with a site contact to ensure the installation fits with any other works being conducted on site.

5. Commissioning and Handover

Once the system has been installed our Commissioning Engineer will attend site to commission the system and hand it over to the operators, providing training in its safe use and maintenance. You will then be provided with the System Operating & Maintenance Manual and any relevant CE/ATEX certification.

6. Service and Maintenance

Once the system has been running for a few weeks, the Operations Director of Impact Technical Services, will be in touch to discuss the service and maintenance schedule and will provide a proposal for relevant spares and a standard preventative maintenance contract. Your first point of contact, the Technical Sales Manager, who originally quoted the project, is also kept abreast of the development of the project and, any issues that arise, so they are aware for the next project.

Over 75% of our work is repeat business. Once our customers have had a successful installation, and see the benefits of the system, they often come back to us to discuss systems for other sites or processes, and so we start again!