Beverage Can Scrap Handling

To support high speed recovery of steel or aluminium scrap, generated from the cupping presses, body maker trimmers and whole reject can collection points, Impact are able to offer an efficient, robust and cost effective waste extraction system which incorporates a number of special features. These key features ensure improved durability to ensure trouble free operation expected during 24 x 7 operations.


These features include:

  • High performance cupping press / trimmer waste collection hoods. Whole reject product collection hoppers or telescopic extraction nozzles.
  • Heavy duty conveying ductwork and special bevcan grade flanged joints (available in galvanized or high quality powder coated finish).
  • In line oil mist separation to remove the bulk of oil mist generated from the body maker trimmers for recycling or disposal.
  • Heavy duty chopper fan with special features to ensure improved durability and performance.
  • Up-rated advance screen material separators.
  • Baler feed chute with integrated pre-weigh hopper and standby facility.
  • State of the art system controls, automation and diagnostics.
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