Paper Trim Extraction from Digital Print

Impact Air Systems have been providing trim extraction systems for nearly 30 years in a huge variety of applications and removing waste continuous edge trim generated from the modern digital printing presses is no exception.
Material is usually discharged from the digital press in a continuous ribbon form from both sides of the web and the central trim between copies needs to be collected from the press. Our simple, yet effective approach allows multiple machines to be connected to a central waste removal system, keeping the production area free from waste and potentially generating revenue from the recyclable waste paper.



  • Systems ranging from a single mobile trim collection unit through to fully integrated central systems serving dozens of machines simultaneously
  • High waste throughput achievable
  • Long conveying distances achievable
  • Simple, robust and reliable design 

Typical Systems Components:

  • Heavy duty chopper and material handling fans
  • Range of ductwork, long radius bends and inspection doors
  • Impact range of material separators and rotary valves
  • Impact range of dust filters
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