Slitter Knife Dust Capture Hood

Impact Air Systems announce exciting new developments in “Slitter knife dust extraction” technology. This new approach combining high velocity air flow design and electrode eliminating electrostatic charge techniques, results in impressive dust particle removal compared to conventional dust removal hoods.
Nuisance dust emissions created by the slitting process can result in:

• Poor print quality
• Maintenance problems relating to motors and bearings
• Fire Hazard
• Health and safety issues
• Production downtime

This clever technology utilises a high velocity air flow in excess of 60m/sec in combination with an internal “venturi effect” parallel channel, streaming against the web direction, resulting in levels of dust removal efficiency unachievable with conventional slitter hood designs. The Slitter knife hood can achieve dust removal efficiency of 95% > 35 micron.

The Impact range of slitter knife hoods operate with low extraction volumes making them suitable for retrofit applications. The hoods can be combined with web cleaning equipment and electrostatic charge elimination equipment, providing a comprehensive solution in all cases.



•  Fully enclosed knife

•  Efficient removal of dust

•  High velocity dust removal

•  Easy mounting

•  Wear free assembly

•  Low extraction volumes

•  Ideal for retro-fit applications

•  Quick release hoods

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