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Robotic automation reaches scrap metal handling systems

Robotic automation reaches scrap metal handling systems

Impact offers turnkey systems for collecting and pneumatically conveying waste metal from cupping presses and body maker trimmers, along with rejected cans from other parts of the production line and delivering it to hydraulic baling presses.

The material is separated into bright and decorated scrap before entering the bale handling system, where the finished bales are stacked by multi-axis robots into a ‘pallet free’ stacking system.

“This pattern means there are now fork-lift truck lifting voids included in the stacking pattern, resulting in aluminium scrap being transported for recycling without the need for costly wooden pallets, thereby increasing the revenue generated by the recovered waste aluminium,” says Impact’s Dave Lansdell. “The bale stacking system also ensures that maximum vehicle payloads are achieved.”

Impact has been awarded contracts to supply the new systems to a leading beverage can manufacturer at its plants in the north of the UK and in France.

Other systems offered by Impact to the can making sector include oil mist extraction, spray lacquer dust and fume control, printer mist extraction along with hot and cold ducting to transport process waste air to a regenerative thermal oxidiser for treatment.

More than 100 waste handling systems have been installed by Impact at can making plants worldwide. “These provide the customer with improved revenue from the aluminium and steel recovered but also provide a safe and more comfortable working environment”.

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