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Film Vacuum System For Iris, France

Impact, in conjunction with IKB System (European sales agent), secured the contract despite stiff competition from major international bidders.

Waste management company, Trivalis, identified a series of points within its recycling process where suitable volumes of airborne dust were likely to be created as material is processed and transported.

Impact designed and installed an effctive central dust extraction system
to capture this airborne dust in the new facility. Impact’s unique ability to provide a complete turn-key solution also meant that they could provide other air solutions to enhance the MRF process. Impact’s installation incorporated a dust control system to collect airborne dust generated from the waste stream, film vacuum system to collect hand-picked plastic film and an airknife separation system to extract light materials such as paper from the waste stream. This competitive package resulted in the winning formula.

Situated in La Ferriere, the picturesque region of France, Trivalis demanded not only the industrial solution but also strict environmental compliance involving operational noise levels of <80dbA and dust emission levels of <10mg/m3. Impact’s high eciency lter systems and acoustic packages ensured compliance.

To minimize the amount of air required to create effective dust removal, it is very important that the process or transfer point is enclosed as much as possible. Impact’s years of experience in designing effective dust systems meant that they could provide a highly efficient system.

The prestigious sorting centre also offers educational facilities via their viewing platforms and class rooms, demonstrating the latest waste sorting techniques to the invited students.

The project was completed within a 10 week programme, Lionel Ajoul (Projects Director – Iris) commented, “Impact’s project management, equipment quality and overall attention to detail were truly impressive.”

Impact, Iris and IKB are currently in discussions with regards to future project partnership co-operation.