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Confidential Data Shredding – Restore Datashred

Case Study

Restore Datashred are one of the leading providers of document destruction in the United Kingdom with 12 secure shredding centres across the country.

As with all high impact processes involving the shredding and destruction of paper and board products, fibrous dust is produced which can easily become airborne, not only causing maintenance issues and fire hazards within the plant and machinery but can also pose health and safety and housekeeping issues.

To combat these issues on several of their large scale sites, Restore have engaged with Impact Air Systems to design and install centralised dust control systems. Each system has been specifically designed to entrain airborne dust as it is generated throughout the process, including the tipping bay, shredder feed conveyors, shredder and all belt conveyor transfer points.

The captured dust is fed into a briquetter which compresses the dust into compact briquettes for ease of disposal, minimising the potential of a secondary dust issue associated with loose disposal by means of bags/containers.

Having passed through the dust filtration plant, the extracted air volume can either be discharged to atmosphere, providing ventilation in the summer, or returned back into the process area to retain heat during the winter.



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