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ASR Material Recovery | Air Drum Separator


Our client, waste recycling and waste management specialists, who facilitate the recycling and recovery of various materials such as plastics, metal, electronic waste, got in touch for a material separation solution at one of its End of Life Vechicle (ELV) recovery sites. Impact Air Systems’ Air Drum Separator (ADS) was the system of choice to process the scrap metal at the ELV site, due to its efficient ability to separate heavy and light material fractions, cleaning the waste stream to enable improved recycling rates, therefore reducing the amount of waste ending in landfill.

Impact’s popular ADS system has been installed all over the world to process a diverse range of materials such as C&D waste, C&I waste, MSW, DMR, WEEE, RDF, SRF and compost achieving extremely high hourly throughput rates, in this case, up to 20 tonnes per hour.

Our client commented on the system: “Finding the right system to recover the metal from the waste stream after the ELV’s have been shredded, was a challenge. Our campaign to responsibly recycle as much material as possible throughout our UK waste management sites, meant that we wanted a system that not only recovers the valuable metal, rigid plastics and other recyclable materials, but is also engineered to effectively perform with our high-volume material streams efficiently.

The Impact ADS was definitely the right choice for us and we are extremely pleased with its material separation ability.”

Watch this system in action on our Youtube channel: Click here