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Corrugated, Carton & Board


With the huge demand for corrugated and carton board products these days to support ever increasing consumer demand, our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of the modern production operation.

Corrugated and carton board packaging operations generate a tremendous amount of waste material, usually with a high commodity value, making the need to automate the waste removal process, ever more beneficial to the operator. Edge trims, die cut waste, offcuts, skeletal and matrix style waste material is collected from the production processes or machines then transported in a high velocity air stream via a range of ductwork to a central area where it is prepared for transportation to an off-site recycling facility. This usually consists of a baler, compactor or large mobile storage container.

System designs include conventional above ground ductwork systems and our rota-feeder system with enables waste extraction services to be installed below ground (typically for new facilities).

Impact’s range of high performance waste conveying solutions include:

  • High speed edge trim extraction from corrugators
  • Material collection hoods from waste discharge belts or chute
  • Die station waste trucks and gripper edge waste removal
  • Airveyor conveying solutions
  • Floor sweep up system for hand stripped waste
  • Sheet shredder and general waste shredding solutions
  • Vacuum transfer ductwork system and filtration solutions