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Cyclone – Dust Control

Solution Overview

Impact offers a range of medium and high efficiency cyclones that are ideal for material pre-separation applications where small or fine material particles need to be removed from the conveying air stream prior to fine dust filtration.

Material separation efficiencies of typically above 90% can be achieved for paper dust (depending on particle size and density).

Material is discharged via a vortex breaker or optional rotary valve.

Typically constructed from high grade mild steel 2-3mm thick (depending on model selected), fully welded construction and finished in high grade paint.

A wide range of models are available to suit different air volumes and material types.


  • High separation efficiencies achievable
  • Ideal for high dust loading applications
  • Ideal for use in conjunction with the reverse jet filter
  • Cyclone can be positive or negative fed
  • Available to suit a wide variety of air volumes and material types
  • No moving parts, very low maintenance
  • High durability
  • Optional integrated supporting structure available