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Dust Control System – Waste Management


Impact plays a vital role in and has many years of experience supplying dust control systems. One large project in particular was a dust control solution for HW Martin Recycling in Northampton.

Impact was tasked with the design of a central dust extraction system which would collect airborne dust as it is generated from various processes. The dust in this particular project is created from various pieces of equipment including primary shredders, conveyor transfer points, vibrating screen separator, optical sorter exhaust and a final shredder. The system is serving two lines, a primary line and auxiliary line.

This dust control system has a total system design air volume of around 40,000 cubic meters per hour. The system involves a pair of high efficiency cyclones to capture the high volumes of dust. Each cyclone removes the dust from the conveying air stream which is then discharged through a rotary valve below.

The air then passes into a fully reverse jet filter system. The remaining air is cleaned using a compressed air reverse pulse cleaning system to release dust from the filter into the dust collection hoppers below. The filter is equipped with ATEX certified explosion relief rupture panels as required under the DSEAR regulations. The unit is also equipped with an access ladder and safety handrail around the top of the filter housing allowing access to the top of the filter for maintenance and inspections.

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