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Energy From Waste Facility


Impact Air Systems was selected to design and install numerous air system components and a centralised dust control system at the MPT (Mechanical Pre-Treatment) facility in Hull, UK. The power station will be processing typical SRF/RDF material to ensure that it meets a very tight specification, allowing the finished material to be fed into a gasification process where it will be burned as a fuel to produce electricity.

Impact’s experience and expertise were relied upon to provide fans and a ductwork circuit that would remove dust effectively and efficiently from numerous collection points throughout the plant. At the point of lights discharge, mechanical pre-separators are installed which work to prevent any oversized items such as plastic bags or fibre from entering the fan circuit, dust system or filter.

Thirty nine dust collection points
The central dust extraction system connects a total of thirty nine collection points using galvanised mild steel spiral wound ductwork. The three final dust extraction header ducts serving all the points connect to the filter using an ATEX certified isolation damper. The dust filter is approximately 500m2 fully automatic tubular bag reverse jet filter and rated for approximately 72,000m3/h total air volume.

The filter unit removes the dust particles from the airstream and discharges them via a trough hopper into a single Ø250mm screw conveyor and 400mm diameter rotary valve for depositing into the dust briquetting system.

The conveying air stream for the system is created by a single high efficiency V belt drive clean air handling fan with spark minimising features and is powered by an 110kW motor installed on the clean side of the dust filter. A hydraulic dust briquetting press was selected to allow the loose dust collected by the filter to be compacted into a pellet and used as an additional fuel source.

Spark Detection
The system also includes a standalone spark detection and suppression system, which includes three zones (one for each duct) to provide further protection to the dust filter. The system consists of a separate zone duct mounted sensor, working in conjunction with a high pressure nozzle water curtain, installed approximately 6-10 meters away from the sensors.

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