Dust Control Systems

Supporting demanding health & safety requirements and minimising the effects of dust on production processes.

Solution Overview

Impact Air Systems offer a wide range of dust control solutions to meet the vast range of applications faced in modern day production environments.

Our robust range of solutions, developed over many years, allows us to confidently manage your dust issue. Whether you require a simple supply and connect dust bagging unit or a custom designed and professionally installed dust filtration/air recycling system, we are able to help.

We have supplied and installed centralised dust control systems in a wide range of industries such as power stations, waste management sites, commercial printing, corrugated board manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, packaging and conversion facilities, foundries, textile manufacturers and many more.


Working to standards and directives

Our engineers are qualified to BOHS P601 and P602 and work strictly to HSG258, COSHH 2002 regulations and Workplace Exposure Limits EH40 (UK regulations). Our systems are designed to help you to ensure compliance with ATEX 2014/34/EU and NFPA standards, supporting employers responsibilities to carry out DHA (Dust Hazard Analysis), where applicable. (All dust collection systems in the US are required to have a DHA no later than October 2018, this is one of the most important changes to NFPA standards in recent history). Read more here.


Dust dangers

•  Fire/explosion - Combustible dusts present an explosion hazard when suspended in certain conditions which can result in catastrophic damage.

•  Occupational health issues - as well as creating an unpleasant working environment for staff, some types of dust can cause respiratory allergies, infection and long term health problems such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulminary disease.

•  Maintenance issues - An excessive build up of dust can get into moving parts and create problems with the efficiency of operational equipment.

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• Custom designed dust capture hoods/enclosures

• Range of different ductwork construction and designs to suit application

• Vast range of filtration technologies to suit all dust types

• Energy efficient centralised dust control systems

• Dampers to allow variations in fan speed and extraction efficiency

• ATEX rated components for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

• Fully certified and tested systems inline with LEV guidelines

"Providing our customers with the best possible solutions that are designed to last is our number one priority. You will benefit from unrivalled engineering, the highest quality of installation and our five star after sales care."

Darren Bayman

Impact's Technical Sales Manager

Case Study

Dust Control System at Energy Works, Hull

Impact Air Systems were selected to design and install numerous air system components and a centralised dust control system at the MPT (Mechanical Pre-Treatment) facility in Hull, UK. The power station will be processing typical SRF/RDF material to ensure that it meets a very tight specification allowing the finished material to be fed into a gasification process where it will be burned as a fuel to produce electricity.

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Dust Control Solution at Data Shredding Facility, Manchester

Impact installed a dust control system to control the plumes of dust created during the shredding and conveying process at a document shredding facility in Trafford Park, Manchester.

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Dust Control Solution For London's Largest MRF Site

Impact designed and installed the heavy-duty material and dust extraction and separation system at the 9.2 acre site, resulting in the MRF now being legally compliant, meeting it’s Health & Safety responsibilities and the demands of ISO14001 and HSG258.

Impact was called in to London’s largest undercover Material Recycling Facility (MRF) to improve the quality of the final product by removing the light fibre and debris from the material stream in order to boost its resale value. Although the majority of waste being handled was mixed papers, Impact also had to consider other waste such as dry foods, plastics and glass.

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Dust Control System at Recycling & Waste Management Plant

Impact plays a vital role in and has many years of experience supplying dust control systems. One large project in particular was a dust control solution for HW Martin Waste Ltd in Northampton.

Impact was tasked with the design of a central dust extraction system which would collect airborne dust as it is generated from various processes. The dust in this particular project is created from various pieces of equipment including primary shredders, conveyor transfer points, vibrating screen separator, optical sorter exhaust and a final shredder. The system is serving two lines, a primary line and auxiliary line.

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