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Production Waste Extraction 

Solutions and Products

Impact has been providing production waste and trim extraction systems since the 1980’s and have provided solutions to remove waste materials from production processes in a wide variety of industries.

We provide waste removal systems, designed and installed to remove waste and off cuts from the manufacturing process of paper, board, foil and film trim, can scrap, tissue and sticky label web.

Print, packaging, label and beverage can are just a few of the industries we regularly supply our systems to.

From full turnkey trim extraction systems to standalone extraction units, you will find all you will need to resolve your waste and trim extraction problems.

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Beverage Can Waste Handling

Generated from the cupping presses, body maker trimmers and whole reject can collection points, Impact are able to offer an efficient, robust and cost effective waste extraction system which incorporates a number of special features. These key features ensure improved durability to ensure trouble free operation expected during 24 hours, 7 days a week operations.

Trim Extraction Systems

Impact Air Systems has been providing waste and trim collection systems since the early 1980’s to remove dry waste materials from production processes in a wide variety of industries, allowing maximum production output, using minimal labour, encouraging better recycling and additional revenue from waste material.

Label Matrix Extraction

Over thirty years of experience in this sector means we are are perfectly placed to handle your label matrix extraction requirements. We have installed label matrix extraction and edge trim extraction solutions in many countries across the world, providing a solution to enhance productivity, minimise downtime and to ensure production runs smoothly.

Trim Master Bagging Unit

The Trim Master Bagging Unit is a cost effective, flexible, trim and dust extraction unit designed to collect waste material from a single production machine and deliver it to a locally mounted trim bagging station, where the waste is collected in polythene bags for manual disposal.

Edge trim removal system with trim cutter

Precision Trim Cutter

The precision trim cutter is a compact and versatile precision cutting unit used with Impact’s label matrix extraction systems, among others.

Cyclone - Dust Control

Impact offers a range of medium and high efficiency cyclones that are ideal for material pre-separation applications where small or fine material particles need to be removed from the conveying air stream prior to fine dust filtration.

Edge Trim Extraction System

Removing edge trim from corrugators or high speed slitting stations in heavy weight or thick material applications such as corrugated board or heavy weight laminated edge trims, can often be challenging, especially when dealing with wide edge trims travelling up to 1500 meters per minute. It is critical to ensure the position and specification of the equipment designed to receive and process this type of material is robust and correctly engineered.

Dust Control Systems

Impact Air Systems offer a wide range of dust control solutions to meet the vast range of applications faced in modern day production environments.

Slitter Knife Dust Capture Hood

The Impact slitter knife dust capture hoods combine high velocity air flow design and electrode eliminating electrostatic charge techniques, resulting in impressive dust particle removal at source compared to conventional dust removal hoods.

Tubular Reverse Jet Filter

Dust is efficiently removed from the conveying air using anti-static polyester needle felt tubular bags. An electronic sequence controller initiates a pulse of compressed air which momentarily reverses the flow of air through the filter bag to release the dust into the discharge hopper below.

Briquetting Systems

Designed to substantially reduce the volume of nuisance dust collected via dust filtration, this extremely versatile unit can be easily integrated into the system design allowing dust volume reduction levels of 20:1. No longer is it necessary to manually handle large sacks of waste dust collected during filtration, instead the material is efficiently converted into manageable high density briquettes, reducing storage and handling requirements.

Air Separator Assembly

The material separator’s main function is to separate the waste material collected by the system from the conveying air stream. The separator assembly consists of a perforated screen plate, inclined downwards at an angle inside metal housing.

Industrial Ventilation Systems

Impact offer industrial ventilation to a wide range of industries including paper mills, packaging production, print production, EFW sites, materials recycling facilities and many more.

Process Exhaust Stacks

Hot gases, solvent vapour or fumes created by the production processes need to be discharged outside the building to atmosphere to ensure the maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment. Impact Air Systems supply and install a range of exhaust solutions designed to suit individual requirements.

Paper Trim Extraction

Impact Air Systems have been providing trim extraction systems for nearly 30 years in a huge variety of applications and removing waste continuous edge trim generated from the modern digital printing presses is no exception.

Material is usually discharged from the digital press in a continuous ribbon form from both sides of the web and the central trim between copies needs to be collected from the press. Our simple, yet effective approach allows multiple machines to be connected to a central waste removal system, keeping the production area free from waste and potentially generating revenue from the recyclable waste paper.

Label Matrix Master

The Impact Matrix Master offers a flexible localized extraction solution for typical label and self-adhesive products without having to install a central waste system.