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Material Handling Fan

Solution Overview

Impact’s chopper fan is a purpose designed, heavy duty, material handling fan fitted with hardened steel cutting blades.

Its function is to provide the required conveying air volume and pressure to efficiently transport the waste material through the system from the production machines to the material separator unit. It has a reinforced, dynamically balanced, self-cleaning steel impeller, proportioned for maximum aerodynamic efficiency but with the added capability to chop any large pieces of waste into more manageable pieces.

The chopper fan is equipped with a heavy duty, adjustable spring loaded inlet assembly ensuring the correct chopping action occurs during operation and to provide protection from surge loads. The fan is driven from a compact overhead or base-mounted drive motor arrangement (depending on size) via a variable speed v-belt transmission, all assembled and tested prior to delivery.


  • Replaceable long life
  • Hardened steel cutting blades
  • Non-clogging wear resistant
  • Impeller
  • Adjustable inlet assembly for cutting gap adjustment
  • Positive cutting action
  • Impeller statically and dynamically balanced for smooth vibration resistant running
  • Double row spherical roller bearing assembly for long life
  • Available with automatic bearing lubricators
  • Available with energy efficient motor options