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Trim Extraction Systems

Impact Air Systems provides automatic trim handling systems to remove off-cut materials from a wide variety of production processes.

Solution Overview

Impact Air Systems has been providing waste and trim collection systems since the early 1980’s, removing dry waste materials from production processes in a wide variety of industries, allowing maximum production output, using minimal labour, encouraging better recycling and additional revenue from waste material.

Typically, the systems collect and transport waste material, off cuts and production waste generated during production.

The Trim Extraction Process

Material is collected from the production processes via a hood and is transported in a high velocity air stream via a range of purpose designed ductwork. This ductwork is neatly integrated into the building and transports the waste material using fan technology to a central waste collection area ready for offsite disposal or transportation to a recycling facility. Material is usually collected in a compactor, horizontal baler or large mobile storage container.

Automatic recovery of waste and trim from production machines and process, significantly improve productivity, operate using less manual labour, improve the working environment, encourage better recycling of the waste material, and reduce H&S and fire risks.

Our solutions are custom engineered for your facility and incorporate a vast array of industrial sectors:



  • Improved productivity through reliable, automated scrap removal
  • Improved energy efficiency by returning clean air back into your production environment
  • Revenue from recycling waste
  • Clean working environment
  • Avoid costly shutdowns
  • Reduced labour costs

“Resolving your issues with trim and off-cuts is our speciality. Our vast experience in this field allows us to provide you with the best solution that is efficient and will effectively keep you up and running, improving your productivity.”

Andrew Vicary BSc Hons
Impact’s Technical Sales Manager

Case Study

Automotive Acoustic Fabric Trim Removal

Our customer is the one of the largest suppliers of automotive acoustic and other fibre-based products in the world.

They contacted Impact Air Systems for a solution to remove and bale hand stripped skeletal fibre waste and blanks from its automated moulding line, water cutting cells at its Ohio, USA facility.

Automotive carpet trim removal

Rigid Containers Ltd – Edge Trim and Dust Control Solutions

Impact installed edge trim extraction systems and dust control systems at the UK sites of corrugated packaging producer Rigid Containers – situated at Desborough, Wellington and Selby.

Leicester Paper Company (LPC) Roll Out Contract to Impact

LPC a Leicester based tissue producer, awarded Impact a substantial contract to install an automatic nubbins extraction system at their site in Mountsorrell.