Label Matrix Extraction

Solution Overview

The Impact central matrix extraction system can be fitted to any narrow web press up to 500mm wide and solves a previously impossible task of removing sticky matrix waste, eliminating the need to rewind the waste on press and enabling longer, continuous running times.

The system can be incorporated into an existing waste removal system or be supplied as a complete centralised system.

The Impact matrix removal unit is fitted on the non-operator side of the printing press. Each unit incorporates a precision trim cutter to cut the continuous matrix into small manageable pieces. The waste can be collected in a central location and removed from site without problems.

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  • Remove all types of matrix, including thin films
  • Eliminates press down time
  • Avoids print register re-adjustment
  • Allows faster run speeds
  • Removes rewind tension problems
  • Eliminates rewinding of waste matrix
  • Improves manual handling and general housekeeping

"Impact's label matrix solutions will improve your productivity by seamlessly removing adhesive waste from the source without interferring with your process. Current installations of this system have shown great success within many prestigious organisations"

Dave Lansdell

Impact's Technical Sales Director