Precision Trim Cutter

Solution Overview

The precision trim cutter is a compact and versatile precision cutting unit used with Impact's label matrix extraction systems, among others.

The trim cutter unit is designed to offer precision cutting of a wide range of continuous materials. It enables continuous web manufacturers, slitters and converters to remove edge trim from production. It can cut cleanly through very thick materials like carpet edge trim. At the other end of the scale it can deal with extremely tough plastic film, foils, fabrics, filaments and non-woven materials down to as little as 12μm thin.

Two base models are available in the range. A model 78 series unit is ideally suited to materials being conveyed in ductwork up to 150mm in diameter. The model 811 series cutter is most suitable for larger volumes and heavier materials.

The advantages of the 78 and 811 series cutter are explained below:

Rotating fly knives are cylindrically ground in housing to ensure uniform clearance across the complete width of the bed knife. Proprietary milling process matches fly knives to rotor notches for secure, positive location and retention. Available in standard AISI-D2 tool steel or in optional tungsten carbide.

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  • Angled rotor knives to provide shock free efficient cutting and low noise levels. 
  • Wrap free performance due to shaftless cutting chamber
  • Open box rotor for free passage of air and minimal pressure drop
  • Differencial screw adjustment of bed knife allows for extremely precise cutting clearances between rotor knives and bed knife
  • Compact flanged mounted brake motor
  • Cast aluminium top cover easily removed to provide complete maintenance access
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit your application