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Trim Master Bagging Unit

Solution Overview

The Trim Master Bagging Unit is a cost effective, flexible, trim and dust extraction unit designed to collect waste material from a single production machine and deliver it to a locally mounted trim bagging station, where the waste is collected in polythene bags for manual disposal.

Usually found working in conjunction with digital printing machines where waste is generated from a three-knife trimmer, slitting station or similar, this hugely versatile solution, offers ultimate flexibility for low volume waste applications, without incurring the costs associated with a centralised trim extraction solution.

Incorporating all the usual design cues from our centralised waste and trim solutions, the trim master bagging unit consists of a range of trim grade ductwork, waste handling fan, specially engineered waste and dust collection plenum, disposable polythene waste bag for the waste trim and disposable exhaust air filter media, neatly packaged together in a cost-effective solution to suit many low volume applications.

We offer a range standard models designed to suit a range of paper, carton board and corrugated trim applications, air volumes and operating conditions.

The Impact Trim Master Bagging Unit and Label Matrix Master are manufactured in the UK with spares and support readily available if required.


  • Fast easy installation
  • Integral starter built in
  • Twin collection bags for ‘on the run’ changeover
  • Low power consumption, between 3kW and 5.5kW depending on model
  • Clean operation with in built filtration to collect dust
  • Low noise level
  • Waste delivered to plastic sacks for easy disposal
  • Ideal for use with single machines
  • Can be located local to production line
  • Allows production machines to operate at full capacity
  • Reduces labour costs