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Flexible Packaging Collection

Impact Air Systems has vast experience in providing systems to recover plastics of varying forms from the production process.


Plastics collection solution for e-commerce, third party logistics and fulfilment facilities

The Impact FilmVac plastic packaging film removal system can be implemented into a wide variety of processes to remove plastic bags, plastic packing film and backing strips from a production or parcel returns environment, to keep the working area clean and tidy, baling the plastics for recycling.

The packing/unpacking process can generate large quantities of plastic packaging materials which are typically handled manually, taking up valuable warehouse space and time to process the material. The Impact FilmVac system consists of return air hoods that are situated above the workstation, in reach of the packer, so that flexible packaging can be offered up to the FilmVac hood, which is then sucked away and conveyed to the baler.

Many facilities within the waste management and commercial laundry sectors (see images below) are already utilising the Impact FilmVac solution at various locations around the world and praise its ability to handle the plastic material effectively and seamlessly.

We pride ourselves in delivering a bespoke system to work within any facility, so if you’d like to discuss your requirements with our technical sales team, please get in touch.

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