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Foil, Film & Laminate Packaging


Impact Air Systems specialise in specially tailored extraction solutions for foil, film and flexible packaging such as food packaging, laminated products where the waste material needs additional consideration during the system design.

Foil lattice waste removal

Removing foil lattice or skeletal waste during the production of food packaging can substantially improve productivity, profitability and production capacity, not to mention reduce downtime and eliminate the manual handling issues associated with rewinding waste lattice on press and ensuring revenue is generated through waste recycling.

The Impact foil extraction enables many production machines to be connected to a centralised extraction system, conveyed through the production area and baled to maximise recycling of the waste material. Simple but highly effective trim collection hoods are successfully integrated onto the production press and work in conjunction with local mini chopper fans ensures the lattice is broken into an easy conveyable size.

Film and flexible packaging

Handling waste film, especially very thin material in continuous form presents many companies with a challenge when considering the most efficient method for removal. The inclusion of our precision trim cutter, enables films, laminated materials and thin film packaging waste to be efficiently cut at source and conveyed through a range of ductwork to a central waste collection compactor. Whether a single machine or multiple production line operation, we have the right solution to efficiently handle the waste material.