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Glass & RDF Recovery at MRF Residue Plant

P&D Materials Recovery (PDMR) Ltd began the operation of a purpose-built bespoke recycling plant during August 2017 following 24 months of research & development and design.


PDMR are one of the UK’s leading waste management companies and have capacity for up to 22 tonnes an hour through its waste sorting facility, removing glass, aluminium, ferrous metals, paper, cardboard, plastic film and plastic bottles.

The plant was designed to recover recyclate from MRF residue material that otherwise would have been sent to landfill or incineration, thereby embracing the crux of the waste hierarchy and circular economy.

The plant commissioning period identified superfluous fibre and plastic contamination within the heavy glass fraction, which impeded on commodity value and export availability. PDMR Ltd engaged Impact Air Systems to assist with cleaning the glass to achieve a consistent and cost effective saleable product. Trials were undertaken at Impact Air Systems test facility in Leicester, which produced favourable results leading to an order being placed in March 2018 for the new Zigzag Air Classifier (ZAC) 800 model to be installed during summer 2018.

By August 2018, the ZAC800 had delivered the prime objectives of the PDMR capital investment by creating a valuable commodity from a negative waste stream.

Material Details

Material description: MRF residue
Particle size (mm): Approx. 60mm and below
Requested hourly throughput (t/h): 4 to 5
Mixed bulk density (kg/m3): ~515 to 640
Heavy material description: Glass
Light material description: Fibre and plastic film

The Impact ZAC800 installation at PDMR, Chatham is an effective addition to its current material recovery process enabling a high hourly throughput and a high grade quality glass and RDF output.

The Impact Zigzag Air Classifier (ZAC) waste sorting system is the very latest version of Impact’s hugely popular range of zigzag separation technology, which you will find in operation in many applications in waste recycling facilities around the world.

Impact recognises the industry requirements of ensuring a high-quality waste stream, so has enhanced a successful separation solution which greatly improves the separation of valuable recyclable materials while providing the operator with a highly durable, low maintenance and hassle-free system.

For more information on the Impact ZAC800 and to see it in action, click here.