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Air Drum Separator at PVT Landfill, Hawaii


The Impact Air Drum Separator (ADS) was installed at PVT Landfill, Hawaii to separate light and heavy material from a stream of construction and demolition (C&D) waste. The throughput of material is around 30 tonnes per hour and the material size varies from around 2.5cm-25cm. The material is composed of fuel feedstock (wood, paper, plastic, carpet etc), rock, ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal and 0-25mm fines.

The ADS unit consists of a feed conveyor to receive and deliver material to the Airknife. As the material falls from the discharge of the feed conveyer, the material passes through a high velocity air stream generated by the Airknife providing separation of heavy and light material. A high efficiency direct drive blower fan is used to generate air to separate the material.

The light material is blown over the rotating drum into a large drop out enclosure, while the heavy material falls through the air stream and out of a discharge chute situated before the rotating drum.

The light material is conveyed over the drum into the drop out chamber, which allows the material to fall from the air stream inside the enclosure onto a lights discharge conveyor. Very light material that does not fall out of the airstream is captured by a rotary separator mounted inside the drop out chamber above the lights discharge belt conveyor. All of the lights are discharged from the end of the conveyor onto the next stage of the process.

The captured air from the drop out enclosure and rotary separator is connected to a range of ductwork and returned to the inlet of the air knife input fan creating a closed loop system to save energy.

To test the separation of your material, contact us to arrange for a trial at our Material Recovery Testing Facility.