Beverage Can Manufacturing

Process Extraction Solutions

Impact Air Systems plays an integral part in the aluminium and steel beverage can manufacturing process with the extraction solutions we provide. As an industry leader in this field, our experience allows us to design, manufacture and install a bespoke system to meet individual requirements ensuring a clean and safe working environment and valuable recovery of waste material.

With over 25 years experience within the canning industry, Impact Air Systems are at the forefront of technological developments and have extensive knowledge in the provision of process extraction systems. We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and provide cost effective, air based solutions which exceed their expectations.

Impact Air Systems is highly regarded among can manufacturers, consultants and OEM suppliers alike for providing high quality, robust, cost effective solutions. Using its wide range of experience, Impact has provided solutions to some of the best known names in the beverage can industry, installing systems worldwide which play a vital part in the efficient production and safe working environment they demand.

Waste Scrap Extraction

To support the high-speed removal of steel or aluminium scrap from cupping presses, body maker trimmers and reject can collection points. Impact Air Systems provide robust, efficient and cost effective scrap handling systems, which convey the waste material to centralised collection areas for baling and recycling. Features include: Product collection hoppers or telescopic extraction nozzles, oil mist separation, chopper fan, specially adapted high durability ductwork, advanced screen separators and baler feed weigh hoppers and even fully automated robot bale handling.

Lacquer Sprayer Dust Extraction

To contain and remove the highly explosive internal can lacquer powder, Impact Air Systems supply bespoke extraction systems incorporating explosion rated ductwork, reverse jet filters fitted with ATEX compliant explosion relief panels and rotary discharge valves.

IBO Conveyor Fume Extraction

The strong fumes generated by the cans as they travel between the lacquer sprayers and the IBO create an uncomfortable working environment. By installing an enclosure around the conveyor and connecting it to an extraction system, the fumes are contained and exhausted safely to atmosphere.

Printer/Coater Mist & Fume Extraction

Impact Air Systems have developed a range of extraction systems and filtration equipment tailored specifically for base coaters, printers and over-varnishing units.

Process Exhaust Stacks

Hot gases, solvent vapour or fumes created by the production processes need to be removed from the ovens and transferred to the Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO) or exhausted outside the building. Impact Air Systems supply and install a range of exhaust solutions designed to suit individual requirements, which carefully consider all appropriate health and safety directives to provide a fully

Body Maker Oil Mist Extraction

The oil mist produced by the lubricant used in the can drawing process has to be captured at source. Impact Air Systems supply custom fabricated systems which extract the oil mist from the body makers and pass it through a two stage filter process comprising an inline drain sump and an oil mist eliminator which, when combined, achieve maximum filtration efficiency. Air cleanliness of 99.997% is achievable ensuring exhaust air is totally free of fluid.

Factory Ventilation and Cooling

Impact Air Systems provide energy efficient ventilation systems incorporating, if necessary, the latest adiabatic cooling technology tailored to suit individual factory requirements. Conditioned make up air is introduced at low level through external air input units. An intelligent control system constantly monitors the conditions in the factory and ensures that the correct volume, temperature and humidity of air is being supplied.