Impact Air Systems has been providing separation and recovery solutions to the glass recycling industry for many years. We have listened and learned from our customers that the glass recovery process can be difficult and challenging, so we have responded by creating a recovery system that works seamlessly within recycling facilities, with minimal worker input but maximum material output.

Impact's successful recovery of such a valuable recycleable product is now very well known and admired within the glass recycling sector. Glass recycling plants, Material Recovery Facilities (MRF's) and other waste management companies are all benefiting from Impact's recovery solutions as a vital part of their processing sites around the world. 

Our systems are continually recovering thousands of tonnes of valuable glass cullet from waste streams and saving it from ending in landfill, thus also saving the landfill tax due to the operator.

More recently, Impact has developed and re-engineered the popular Zigzag Separation System to better serve the glass industry resulting in the ZAC800, boasting impressive resistance to abrasive materials, less moving parts and the very latest fitration technology, whilst maintaining its exceptional separation efficiency.

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