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Our Partners

Impact works with various trade partners across a range of industries all over the world.
Read more below about our relationship with these esteemed companies…

Casepak Recycling – UK

Impact Air Systems and Casepak have a long standing relationship which spans over 20 years. We work closely together on installations in the waste management sector, with mutual installations at paper/board facilities along with recycling and waste management facilities.

Casepak are a Midland based paper and cardboard recycling specialist supporting a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors offering tailored collections and recycling solutions to support their customers with their recycling needs.

Casepak also operate a state-of-the-art household material recycling facility in Leicester and have a combined processing capacity of circa 300,000 tons per annum. Impact Air Systems and Casepak’s working partnership have enabled us to supply a wide variety of waste, trim and dust conveying solutions and at many of the UK’s most prestigious commercial printers, box and packaging manufacturers. Visit for more information.

Wastech Engineering – Australia

Wastech Engineering manufactures, installs and services a wide range waste sorting solutions from full material recovery facilities to equipment for single stream recycling, waste to energy, construction and demolition, municipal solid waste, e-waste, and green waste sorting systems.

Ryohshin – Japan

Ryohshin Co. Ltd represent Impact Air Systems recycling solutions in Japan. They are a manufacturer of mixed waste material separation systems, and our advanced separation technologies complement their existing range.

Recycling Equipment Inc. – USA

Recycling Equipment Inc (REI) based in North Carolina USA are an industry leader providing their customers with cutting edge technology to meet their waste and recycling needs, turning commercial waste into revenue. Impact Air Systems are proud to partner REI supplying waste & trim air conveying solutions and dust control systems which complement their own equipment throughout the USA Market which include industrial shredders and balers. For more information visit:

IKB System – Poland

IKB System Sp. z o. o. main area of activity is environmental protection, recycling and improvement of conditions at workplaces. This applies especially to air cleaning: dust removal, ventilation, filtration of oil mist and vapors, pneumatic transport and suction of scrap from production machines…

Herbert NV – Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg

Herbert NV represents Impact Air Systems in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (Benelux). They provide our full recycling product range of equipment and work closely with our sales team to ensure Impact Air Systems are able to provide air technology solutions within the recycling industries in the Benelux area.

ETI Converting – Canada

ETI Converting Equipment, a globally innovative manufacturer of in-line coating and printing equipment based in Quebec, Canada are complementary in the label industry. ETI has developed a technology to make labels after printing. The ETI equipment can print, siliconize, adhesive coat and die-cut all in-line. Adding Impact Air Systems’ waste and trim removal systems to the ETI equipment allows its customers to continue label production without having to stop the machine during the change of waste rollers. This will significantly reduce label production costs and allow production to be more flexible.

The partnership provides clients with a seamless production for their investment, enhancing productivity and minimising downtime.

Visit ETI Converting here: Read more about the partnership here.

Palm Recycling – UK

Palm Recycling has provided collection and recycling services to the public and commercial clients for over 25 years. Operating one of the UK’s most advanced paper mills, palm collect and reprocess over 2,000 tons of fibre per week.

Impact Air Systems and Palm Recycling have a strong working partnership allowing waste, trim and dust conveying solutions and at some of the UK largest commercial printers and packaging converters.

Palm choose Impact Air Systems for our outstanding support, offering the right solution to support their clients, professional approach and market leading professionalism. For more information visit:

WRH Global UK

WRH Global AG is a company that is specialized in sales, trade and services. Worldwide, approximately twenty subsidiaries and agencies across a wide range of industries are responsible for the cultivation of the marketplace and customer care. They are intended to serve as a platform for launching effective advertising formats. A global presence combined with local proximity to customers enables the most varied requirements to be met while providing competent services.

SIPA GmbH – Austria & Slovenia

SIPA represents Impact Air Systems in Austria and Slovenia. They provide our full recycling product range of equipment and work closely with our sales team to ensure Impact Air Systems are able to provide air technology solutions within the recycling industries in Austria and Slovenia areas.