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Material Recovery Solutions


To support today’s global drive to become greener and recycle more waste material, Impact Air Systems has developed a wide range of solutions to support fully automated recovery of domestic and industrial waste streams, whether a new build facility or retro upgrading an existing facility.

Impact works with many industry sectors across the world, delivering recycling waste extraction and separation solutions. We offer technical expertise with over 30 years of experience to provide a cost effective solution to your waste needs.

If you process or separate recyclable materials, let us demonstrate how our recycling solutions can remove dust and fibres and recover glass, plastic, metal and other valuable materials from the waste stream.

Solutions for Waste Managers

Waste management companies are starting to feel the pinch of the recent LOI regulations and are looking for ways to reduce their tax exposure. This urged us to develop our current recycling solutions to help waste operators to reduce their landfill tax exposure and ensure LOI levels are below 10 percent… the Impact Zigzag Air Classifier (ZAC) was therefore born.

We wanted to find a way to make the testing process simple, quick and cost-effective, to provide the easiest way of introducing the ZAC to other waste operators in a bid to resolve their waste separation and landfill tax quandary. The ZAC is a proven solution already, and there are now Impact zigzag density separation systems working in many waste sites across the world.

Every week, waste managers come along to our testing facility in Leicester in search of ways of ways to further separate their waste to ensure valuable materials are recovered. By using air separation technology, the waste managers we work with can increase revenue and minimise disposal costs – the majority have seen a reduction in their LOI, making them liable for the lower tax amount.

Our Test Facility at Impact has been designed so potential customers can bring a sizeable sample along and see realistic results for themselves, offering a ‘try before you buy’ option. We have seen a huge uptake over the last 12 months.

Waste operators are continually surprised with the impressive results of the zigzag separation process and the return on investment so we are confident it will gain increased interest again this year.

Paul Lock, managing director of Hadley’s Recycling and Waste Management commented on how his LOI rate has been reduced:

“We are so pleased with the reduced LOI rate of 6% we now get from our material and it’s all down to the efficient separation of Impact’s ZCU. I would highly recommend this system to all waste operators”.

Read full Hadleys case study.