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Confidential Data Shredding


Secure data shredding equipment is becoming more common place in most modern facilities with greater focus on data security and protection of other sensitive information. Impact Air Systems are able to offer a range of industrial shredders or security shredders designed specifically to destroy large volumes of printed material or production spoilage into easily conveyable pieces, which work in harmony with our central waste extraction system to then convey the shredded material from the shredding area directly to the central waste compactor.

Working in partnership with market leading shredder manufacturers, we are able to offer a large range of industrial general waste shredders and security shredders to process high volume paper documents, booklets, cardboard packaging and reel cores and even full reels of self-adhesive labelling. Waste can either be manually loaded into the shredder hopper or fed via an incline belt or hydraulic bin tipper. Shredded material is collected from the discharge of the shredder unit and transported in a range of ductwork to the compactors or other receiving device.


Impact’s Zigzag Classification Unit installed at Hadleys is providing outstanding results for the recycling and waste management site.

The recycling and material recovery efforts of Hadleys Recycling & Waste Management are remarkable, operating an extensive range of services for over 80 years, recycling construction & demolition materials.

Hadleys approached Impact Air Systems for a solution to improve the quality on their existing fines clean up system and improve the Loss on Ingnition (LOI) rate of their recovered materials.

Impact’s Zigzag Classification System, which has been developed to enable simple installation and minimal wiring along with a reduced footprint was the ideal solution. This system uses highly efficient density separation resulting in recovered recyclable materials that are cleaned of debris, paper and dust.

Paul Lock of Hadleys commented:
“We are so pleased with the reduced LOI rate we now get from our material and it’s all down to the efficient separation of Impact’s material recovery system. I would highly recommend this system to all waste operators.”

Hadley’s material: