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Separation Solutions

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Impact Air Systems has developed numerous cost-efficient systems for the recycling industry around the world. Our innovative system design and well engineered components ensure maximum efficiency, speeding up the sorting task, improving the throughput and quality of recycled material grades.

Our separation systems provide convenient solutions for waste recovery and sorting scenarios, making the process efficient and cost effective.

Supported by specialist suppliers of key equipment, our systems are tailored specifically to best suit your needs and save you money.

Below you will find a wide range of solutions for the waste management and recycling sector that have been specifically designed and engineered to provide the desired result for the end user.

Contact us for assistance in selecting the ideal solution for your material sorting operations.

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Airknife waste separation system | Windsifter

Airknife Waste Separation

The Airknife’s main function is to remove low value fractions from the material stream. Typically installed at a conveyor junction, the Airknife consists of an input air volume channelled through an adjustable nozzle, working in conjunction with an extraction hood, all mounted inside a single enclosure.