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Plastic Film Airlift

A versatile system to extract plastic film materials from your waste stream.


Solution Overview

The Plastic Bag/Flexible Film Airlift solution has been designed with MRF operators in mind, in order to assist them in removing awkward contaminants from the waste stream.

Impact’s Plastic Film Airlift is an innovative solution designed to work in conjunction with optical sorters to capture film that has been rejected from the material stream by the optical sorter air injection (see diagram).

As quality demands constantly increase, MRF owners are investing in additional optical separation quality control to improve the quality of the fibre stream. Film contamination was collected using the Impact Airlift System allowing other reject materials, such as rigid plastics, to be removed for overall improved quality.

Material captured by the system is discharged from the conveying air stream via the rotary separator and deposited into the film bunker below under the action of gravity.



  • Significant reduction in manual sorting labour requirements and costs
  • Significantly improves the performance of downstream processes by removing unwanted contaminants
  • High material throughput capabilities
  • Low maintenance