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Plastic Film Recovery Solution

The Film Vacuum System (FilmVac) offers the ultimate flexible solution for collecting and conveying handpicked plastics during the manual sorting process.

Solution Overview

The Film Vacuum System is the perfect solution to remove awkward contaminants such as plastic packaging film and plastic bags from the waste stream.

The system consists of a series of specially designed material collection hoods which are typically mounted in the ceiling of the sorting cabin above the waste belts. The operator simply offers the plastic film or plastic bag to the hood and it is automatically sucked away.

We have installed many Film Vacuum Systems for waste management clients all over the world in order to improve the quality of their waste streams with this simple, but extremely effective and efficient solution. Alternative industries can also benefit from this plastic film removal solution, such as: commercial laundry (see images below), ecommerce, fulfilment and distribution.

How does it work? 

The unique internal ‘Jetcone’ hood design uses a closed loop system to minimise operational noise levels and the amount of air withdrawn from the sorting cabin. Conveying air, used to transport the material, is recycled back through a return air system to significantly reduce the cabin make up air requirements. A series of collection hoods can be connected together via a range of ductwork, meaning all material is transported to a single point within the MRF, eliminating the need to duplicate material storage bunkers to match each hand picking location.

Conveyed material is typically fed directly into a bale press to reduce material volumes, minimising labour and transport costs. The material is separated from the airstream via a specially adapted Impact rotary material separator and reverse jet filter system. The Impact Film Vacuum System has proven to be a highly valued addition to the domestic waste recycling process, offering MRF designers maximum design flexibility and improved segregation of recyclables.


Screw Compactor

A valuable addition to any Film Vacuum System, this simple design allows collected material to be compressed into an expanding plastic bag to produce a ‘sausage’ like bale. A single screw auger, discharge tube and retaining ring provide a simple yet highly reliable, cost effective solution to reduce bulky material into manageable volumes.



  • Systems designed for poly wrap, films, plastic bags and packaging or whole plastic bottles
  • Multiple collection points can transport material back to single baler or storage bunkers
  • Eliminates the need for duplicate storage bunkers
  • When working in conjunction with a baler can substantially reduce material volumes, storage space and transport costs
  • Ergonomically positioned for operator comfort and ease of access
  • High material throughput capabilities
  • Helps improve overall quality of other recyclables through removal of plastic contamination
  • Quiet closed loop operation
  • Few wear items, low maintenance and highly reliable
  • Variable length bales to suit manual handling requirements
  • No complicated wire tying systems

Case Study

Film Vacuum System – Commercial Laundry

A specialist in machinery handling and mechanical services for the laundry industry contacted Impact Air Systems about the possibility of having a system installed that would collect plastic refuse bags which are used to transport bed linen and similar laundered garments, as part of a brand new facility being built in Dartford, for Elis UK (formerly Berendsen). The perfect solution to this requirement is the Impact Film Vacuum system.


Film Vacuum System – Ireland

Impact Air Systems were contracted to install a Film Vacuum system at Regen Waste, County Down, Ireland.

A total of 2 separate systems were designed and installed to provide a pneumatic conveying solution handling plastic bags and light plastic film. System one consists of 4 hoods serving a pre sorting conveyor and 1 collection hood is serving an OCC conveyor belt.

System 2 consists of 13 collection hoods serving a mixed paper sort area.

Film Vacuum System – France

Iris (France), MRF builder recently awarded Impact Air Systems the air technology contract for the Trivalis Sorting centre, Gorse Area, La Ferriere, France.