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Pneumatic Conveying System

A space and cost effective alternative to conveyors, Impact’s pneumatic conveying system allows you to move dry materials from A to B.

Solution Overview

The pneumatic transfer system is utilised in many recycling operations allowing pre-separated dry materials such as plastic containers, aluminium and steel tins and beverage cans to be conveyed through a range of ductwork directly to storage bunkers or balers using the most direct route, eliminating the need to utilise conventional belt conveyors, which can often take up valuable floor space.

Typically receiving material directly from Eddie current separators, magnetic separators or optical sorting equipment, this solution offers ultimate flexibility to most recycling facilities.

Material is fed into the system via a Venturi style receiving hopper and transfer box, where it then falls into a moving airstream provided by a high efficiency fan and is blown via a range of ductwork directly to the storage bunker or baler.

The pneumatic transfer system has proven to be a highly valued addition to the material recovery facility offering designers and operators maximum flexibility.


  • Can be incorporated into new builds or retrofitted to existing recycling operations
  • Range of different sizes available depending on material requirements
  • Long conveying distances achievable
  • Simple, robust and reliable design
  • Low maintenance