Zigzag Classification Unit

Internal surfaces are fully treated with durable materials such as Hardox or Ceramic linings, ensuring long life, even with the most abrasive applications. Fully adjustable air flows ensure maximum separation is guaranteed.

Solution Overview

The compact series Zigzag Classification Unit utilises all the fundamental design features of our bespoke zigzag separation solution, however, carefully packaged on a compact skid mounted frame, this pre-assembled, plug and play unit, can be seamlessly and efficiently added to an existing layout or included as part of a system upgrade.

Mixed material fed into the system via a belt conveyor is processed by the zigzag system, splitting the material based on density, size and shape into a stream of heavy and light materials. Heavy material is discharged from the base of the zigzag classification chamber, whilst the lighter material and fine dust particles are transported in the airstream and discharged at the base of the rotary material separator and from the fully integrated reverse jet cartridge style dust filter unit.

Impact has now further advanced this technology by developing this packaged ‘plug & play’ Zigzag unit with a reduced footprint, improved durability, simple installation and minimal wiring. Within just a few weeks, the launch sparked an unprecedented level of enquiries, as customers recognise the huge potential in cost savings to be made.

Trommel Fines
Trommel fines must be cleaned to further remove the calorific material that can be recycled, which will therefore result in the lower tax rate and hugely reduce landfill tax bills for the operator.

Impact’s Zigzag Separation Systems have been successfully providing an efficient density separation solution for waste management companies all over the world for the last six years. With the ability to handle a wide range of materials and with specific adjustments to ensure maximum efficiency, the Zigzag is the obvious choice to minimise tax exposure.

Satisfied customers

“We are extremely satisfied with the results from Impact’s Zigzag Classification Unit. Having previously tried other technologies, the Impact ZCU exceeded our expectations and we can now supply our WTE plant with a consistent product” - Neil Fryer, Robert Hopkins Environmental Services Ltd.

The recycling and material recovery efforts of Hadleys Recycling & Waste Management are remarkable, operating an extensive range of services for over 80 years, recycling construction & demolition materials.

Hadleys approached Impact Air Systems for a solution to improve the quality on their existing fines clean up system and improve the LOI rate of their recovered materials.

Impact’s Zigzag Classification System, which has been developed to enable simple installation and minimal wiring along with a reduced footprint was the ideal solution. This system uses highly efficient density separation resulting in recovered recyclable materials that are cleaned of debris, paper and dust.

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  • Reduces landfill tax exposure
  • Increase material recovery rate
  • Ensure loss on ignition (LOI) levels below 10% are achieved
  • Increase the value of the feed material by removal of unwanted contaminants
  • Fully adjustable air flows for highly efficient separation
  • High material throughput capabilities
  • Wide range of material applications
  • Fully treated with highly durable internal surfaces for prolonged life
  • Minimal on site assembly time

Visit our Material Recovery Test Facility, centrally located in Leicester, with a sample of your material, and see the separation process for yourself. This is proving to be a popular option to try before you buy.

Case Study

C&D Separation - Zigzag Classification Unit

Impact’s ZCU installed at Hadleys is providing outstanding results for the recycling and waste management site.

The recycling and material recovery efforts of Hadleys Recycling & Waste Management are remarkable, operating an extensive range of services for over 80 years, recycling construction & demolition materials.

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Glass & Fibre Recovery Success in USA

Impact Air Systems has been providing the ultimate solution for glass recovery operations around the world with installations across the USA, UK, Japan and Australia. A resource recovery plant in Boston, USA is now seeing the benefits from the innovative system.

Impact Air Systems was approached for a solution to improve the quality on their existing glass clean up system. The original system was ineffective and could not separate and recover glass to a sufficient quality from their MRF commingled waste streams.

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