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The Impact tissue extraction system collects both toilet and kitchen roll off-cuts from a number of log saws, and conveys the material to a baling area within the plant.

This innovative approach allows waste “nubbins or cookies” to be removed from each log saw within the production area and conveyed to a central waste plant using a single fan. If grade segregation is required (toilet tissue or kitchen tissue) then each grade is conveyed using a separate system. This minimises the energy requirements, noise levels and capital outlay as one fan serves all log saws for each grade type. In addition, the production area is free from waste handling equipment, enhancing the working environment.

Due to the dusty nature of tissue production, Impact’s unique approach also enables the inclusion of a reverse jet filter system which will filter the conveying air stream.

To safeguard the whole system, spark detection and fire suppression equipment can be included as optional equipment.

These systems can also be designed to handle whole logs and slab waste from the production area.

Very bulky materials are transported from the plant by means of forklift trucks and loaded to inclined conveyors, feeding the tissue balers.