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Glass Recycling

After a successful trial at our test facility in Leicester, Impact had the pleasure of supplying and installing a three piece zigzag system at a glass recycling facility.


In this case the Zigzag’s application was to clean glass around 0-50mm in size. Lightweight material such as paper and fibre are removed, leaving a clean glass stream. This system is very capable of handling large amounts of material, the hourly throughput of this system is around 50tph.

Impact have many years of experience with systems that transport highly abrasive materials such as glass, therefore ensuring our systems are designed for maximum durability. 

 The 50 tonne per hour feed stock material is split into three equal amounts which will then be delivered to three cleaning zig zag chambers. 

The material enters the Zigzag enclosure where it will have to pass through an upwards travelling air stream generated by a suction fan. The heavier glass particles will pass through the Zigzag cascade enclosure and eventually discharge at the bottom of the Zigzag.

 As the material passes through the zigzag, the lighter material is drawn upwards by the air stream and transported outside to the high efficiency cyclones.  The fibre and large dust particles are discharged from the bottom of the cyclones. 

The conveying air stream and very small dust particles will exhaust from the top of the cyclone and then be conveyed directly into a reverse jet dust filter unit. The dust filter will remove any remaining fine dust from the conveying air stream before exhausting the clean air to the atmosphere.